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Oct 28, 2004

What's your perfect world?

I just skipped through speaker and new face2face subscriber Scott Friedman's Web site, and this from one of his articles struck me: When asked “What....More
Oct 27, 2004

Making sense(s) of adult learning

I recently received this guest blog from author and speaker Kare Anderson: Regarding Jeffrey Caufaude's apt suggestions on balancing content and....More
Oct 27, 2004

Budget-friendly speakers resource

The Speakers Group has introduced a new online service for those with champagne tastes, caviar dreams, and Budweiser and chips budgets:....More
Oct 27, 2004

TSEA sells its trade show, TS2

Reporting from one of my colleagues: Trade Show Exhibitor Association and National Trade Productions just announced in a phone press conference that....More
Oct 27, 2004

Off topic

For those who have signed up for the weekly e-mail update, a clarification. When I said, "With a full-moon eclipse, even the planets seem to be....More
Oct 27, 2004

Starwood revamping res system with the help of HP

According to a press release, Starwood Hotels....More
Oct 26, 2004

F.A.R.C. the airlines?

That's what Joe Brancatelli, editor and publisher of JoeSentMe.com, the former executive editor of Frequent Flyer magazine, travel advisor of Travel....More
Oct 26, 2004

Balancing content and adult ed needs

Writer, speaker, and consultant Jeffrey Caufaude has interesting things to say about balancing content and adult learning needs. Among his main....More
Oct 26, 2004

Neuroscience show rocks San Diego

The Society for Neuroscience is breaking attendance records in San Diego this week, according to a press release. We're talking 31,000 attendees and....More
Oct 25, 2004

Free space in Florida

Ft. Lauderdale is getting pretty proactive about stemming potential meeting losses due to this fall's awful hurricane season. In fact, it's giving....More
Oct 25, 2004

Update on Marcie, the Fairmont dog

Back in March, I posted about Marcie, the puppy that The Fairmont Washington, D.C., is raising for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. This morning, I just....More
Oct 23, 2004

The pros and cons of e-butlers

Interesting article on the rise in technology butlers, or staff who exist to sooth the fevered keyboard of today’s techie business travelors. And....More
Oct 21, 2004

PKF hospitality forecast for 2005

PKF Consulting has come up with a forecast for the hospitality industry for 2005. Most U.S. hotel owners, operators, and analysts (our firm included....More
Oct 21, 2004

Green hotel alert!

Kudos to the Treasure Mountain Inn Hotel....More
Oct 21, 2004

Tales from the towel thieves

This week's Promo Xtra e-newsletter has the scoop on Holiday Inn's new spin on towel thieves: amnesty for a cause. The hotel chain plays up guests'....More
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