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Sep 30, 2004

Forget MTV--I want my Internet!

According to an article in Promo magazine on Yahoo, Inc.'s Internet Deprivation Study released this week, most of us Web-heads can't go more than....More
Sep 29, 2004

Would you hire this guy?

"Motivational speaker Michael Levy believes folks can enjoy even the stormiest hurricane by simply changing their mental state of mind," according to....More
Sep 29, 2004

Gaylord goes D.C.

First Nashville, Orlando, and Dallas-Fort Worth--now Washington, D.C., will soon sport the Gaylord National Resort....More
Sep 29, 2004

Strike alert!

The Unite Here union initiated a strike on four hotels in San Francisco this morning: the Argent Hotel, Hilton San Francisco, Crowne Plaza Union....More
Sep 29, 2004


On hearing that Starwood, which includes the Sheraton, Westin and W Hotels brands, has hired former Coca-Cola exec Steven Heyer to take over the top....More
Sep 29, 2004

More on terrorism and planes

Great, now USA Today is telling us that terrorists could bring down U.S. jets with hidden bombs as small as a cellphone. The nearly simultaneous....More
Sep 28, 2004

30 cost-saving ideas

This article outlines 30 ways to save money on meetings--I just skimmed it, but it looks like good advice to me. We've also collected some of the....More
Sep 28, 2004

Forget the stretch Hummer...

A limo company in Mexico is, no kidding, offering a converted passenger 727 Boeing airplane (click on photo for larger image). The company has taken....More
Sep 27, 2004

Airport security makes you a target?

I thought I had to be misreading this Yahoo News-Lines article, but it's true. Those long security lines that result from inspectors trying to keep....More
Sep 27, 2004

Nightmare on Hotel Street

This is starting to feel like a horror movie, where just when you think the fee-and-surcharge monster is dead, it it comes back to life for one more....More
Sep 27, 2004

Networking ideas

In response to this post on why so many meetings are so bad, and what would make me bolt from a meeting, Kare Anderson, a professional speaker and....More
Sep 27, 2004

New per diem rates are out

For the fiscal year 2005 U.S. federal employee per diem rates (official travel in the U.S.), go to this site. They go into effect Oct. 1. To comment....More
Sep 27, 2004

Off topic and pretty cheesy

As is the headline, but this study linking cheese shape preferences to politics from Sargento is just too weird not to pass on. So, the study says,....More
Sep 27, 2004

Is Fast Company really clueless about meetings resources?

Heath Row over at the Fast Company blog got me a little hot under the collar with his comments on meetings. It starts out fine, with him talking....More
Sep 24, 2004

Security versus freedom

OK, so I read the story this morning on how the Transportation Security Administration is going to make airlines to turn over domestic passenger....More
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