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Sep 24, 2004

Security versus freedom

OK, so I read the story this morning on how the Transportation Security Administration is going to make airlines to turn over domestic passenger....More
Sep 24, 2004

Poll on rates and online strategies

There's an interesting poll up on Hospitality Net today: Online Discounting Of Room Rates: What's Your Current Strategy? We still depend on selling....More
Sep 24, 2004

More effective board meetings

This post by Ed Sims on BeyondVC is a pretty good wrapup of what constitutes an effective, efficient board meeting. Some other good board-meeting....More
Sep 23, 2004

Things that go bump in the ballroom

For your next Ghostbusters convention, it sounds like one of these hotels would be perfect: "Heavy footsteps. Doors slamming. Cool drafts. This is....More
Sep 23, 2004

Anyone Want to Wiki?

You may not know a wiki from a walrus, but chances you may have already used one. According to an article on educause.edu, wikis—open-source sites....More
Sep 23, 2004

Hurricane-area hotel updates

For info on hotel status in hard-hit states, go to: here for Florida. for the Caribbean for the Gulf Shore of Alabama Couldn’t find a good resource....More
Sep 22, 2004

The cruise to nowhere and other tales of woe

These days, using "unique" venues (museums, boats, aquariums, etc.) for receptions or parties is becoming more common. But, warns Ted Kruckel at....More
Sep 22, 2004

Risk-taking--how much is too much?

Interesting thoughts on personal and professional risk-taking atView from a Corner Office, based on a women's leadership meeting the author attended....More
Sep 22, 2004

Meetings satire from The Onion

The irony of it all makes this satiric entry in the latest edition of The Onion just too much. The headline: Organizers Fear Terrorist Attacks on....More
Sep 22, 2004

Wrinkle-free, no Botox required

Ever feel like injecting your rumpled businesswear with the clothing equivalent of Botox as you shake it out of your suitcase after five days on the....More
Sep 21, 2004

Talk about paranoia

According to an article on USAToday, a Midwest flight was cancelled because a passenger found "Arabic-style writing" on the in-flight magazine. So....More
Sep 21, 2004

Are Houston hotels getting ahead of themselves?

Houston, Texas, has doubled its number of hotel rooms in the past year—to 5,200. And some hoteliers are wondering if the convention business will....More
Sep 21, 2004

Three-year-old boycott losing steam?

Despite a lingering boycott of Cincinnati conventions, started in 2001 following the shooting of a black man and resulting riots, the city says it’s....More
Sep 21, 2004

What they thought PCs would look like in 2004

I love this one--a vision from the past of what PCs would look like in the year 2004. Via Jim Carroll, who always comes up with the most unusual....More
Sep 20, 2004

RevPAR’s rising

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ latest forecast, revenue per available room is going to go up 6.3 percent in 2004, the biggest leap in 20 years....More
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