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Oct 21, 2004

PKF hospitality forecast for 2005

PKF Consulting has come up with a forecast for the hospitality industry for 2005. Most U.S. hotel owners, operators, and analysts (our firm included....More
Oct 21, 2004

Green hotel alert!

Kudos to the Treasure Mountain Inn Hotel....More
Oct 21, 2004

Tales from the towel thieves

This week's Promo Xtra e-newsletter has the scoop on Holiday Inn's new spin on towel thieves: amnesty for a cause. The hotel chain plays up guests'....More
Oct 21, 2004

A wing and a prayer

That's what the airlines seem to be running on these days, according to eTurbo News. Three of the nation's largest airlines reported a combined $906....More
Oct 21, 2004

Off topic

I posted a while back on how someone actually figured out a mathematical formula to predict the likelihood of Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong,....More
Oct 21, 2004

Are terrorists "casing" planes?

If that headline isn't enough to scare you off, go ahead and read this story from e-Turbo News. One quick snippet: Security experts continue to be....More
Oct 20, 2004

Mindball, anyone?

I'm trying to keep my mind off of baseball, which is a big laugh to anyone who knows me--not a big sports fan, generally speaking. But this is the....More
Oct 19, 2004

Logo bling

Can you believe someone actually made a medallion out of a bunch of logos (see photo)? Talking about branding. I'm still waiting for an enterprising....More
Oct 19, 2004

City not profiting from trial

OK, this article from the San Jose Mercury News is just gross. It talks about how Redwood City, Calif., in whose courtroom the Scott Peterson murder....More
Oct 19, 2004

Hotel strikes at casinos

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the strikes in Atlantic City are looking like a David and Goliath type of thing--or at least,....More
Oct 18, 2004

Not to belabor the point...

With the hotel working strike going on now in several San Francisco hotels, and strike watches at several more in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.,....More
Oct 18, 2004

Mixed message?

On one hand, corporate meeting planners can expect tougher negotiations in 2005 due to increasing transient demand. On the other hand, hotels aren't....More
Oct 15, 2004

I’ve Sold 100,000 Units--Fly Me to the Moon

This post courtesy of regular magazine contributor and occasional guest blogger Kay Carstens--I wasn't sure which category to file it under, Strange....More
Oct 15, 2004

A meeting gone bad

I know things can get a little heated at meetings, but this is ridiculous. Seems that a local Indiana parks board meeting came to blows after "the....More
Oct 15, 2004

Last-minute decision-makers

This poll from Buzzwhack.com may not give you insights on why attendees wait until the last minute to sign up for programs or book hotel rooms. Then....More
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