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Sep 14, 2004

Food for thought

Not that you ever have time to sit down and eat that fabulous gourmet dinner you planned for your attendees, but this is a great sitefrom Epicurious....More
Sep 13, 2004

Don't dis the Buddha

One would think one wouldn't have to mention this, but from this article, I guess one does: When in a Buddhist country, don't dishonor the Buddha....More
Sep 13, 2004

Maybe it's not such a SNAP?

Last week, I mentioned that the Society of National Association Publications 2004 EXCEL Awards might be a good place to go for inspiration when you'....More
Sep 13, 2004

US Airways goes bankrupt again

Just in case you haven't yet heard, US Airways just declared bankruptcy again. In spite of all their efforts, it seems like the big airlines may not....More
Sep 13, 2004

Hurricane update

I'm starting to feel like I should add a category to this blog for weather news! Anyway, here's the latest on hurricane-related damage in the....More
Sep 12, 2004

Trade show revolution

Finally--a totally relevant-to-this-industry, really interesting manifesto on changethis.com: Making Trade Shows and Events Matter In a Self-Help....More
Sep 10, 2004

Bad news for independents?

A recent BizBash item may show a trend that could be bad news for independent planners: Nowadays, more in-house planners are keeping the work in-....More
Sep 10, 2004

Las Vegas labor troubles

Well, it looks like the story about the Teamsters walking out in Las Vegas came and went before I had a chance to blog about it. According to a....More
Sep 10, 2004

Life in the echo chamber

OK, we've all noticed this phenomenon Seth Godin calls the echo chamber --at industry shows, the hot new thing is discussed endlessly, all the....More
Sep 10, 2004

Make your convention materials a SNAP

Struggling to make your promotions sparkle, or to make your program really user-friendly? Check out the Society of National Association Publications....More
Sep 08, 2004

The latest in destination promotion

According to travelwirenews, there’s a show in Sydney, Australia, that caters to the travel needs of gays and lesbians. Which is very smart marketing....More
Sep 08, 2004

Next time, skip the convention center?

If I'm reading him right, Rich Westerfield poses an interesting scenario for trade shows: buying out an all-suite hotel for the whole shebang, not....More
Sep 08, 2004

Volunteer help

Having trouble getting volunteers to put together those meeting packets? Wonder how you can keep your best volunteers from burning out and quitting....More
Sep 08, 2004

When a drive-in meeting becomes a fly-to

Hey, according to this USA Today article, one of these days we will all be able to zip around in our car-planes, just like George Jetson. OK, it....More
Sep 08, 2004

Biggest airport concern

According to a survey by the Air Travelers Association, security line wait times are the biggest concern travelers have by far—90 percent ranked it....More
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