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Sep 02, 2004

A good day for those whose names start with "S"

Well, actually, mine’s been a little rocky, but Singapore and San Juan should be happy—they just were added to Best Cities alliance of global....More
Sep 02, 2004

Free audioconference

PCMA is being very, very nice! It is replaying its Security Door-to-Door" audioconference for free, with a little help from Conference Archives, Inc....More
Sep 02, 2004

British Airways caught on the Web

A guy found that he couldn’t buy a BA ticket from Brussels to London online because his credit card "isn't billed in the same country the flight....More
Sep 02, 2004

How to win e-friends and influence people (via e-mail)

Or, more appropriately, how not to tick people off with your e-mail messages--another must-read manifesto from changethis.com. I think I’m going to....More
Sep 02, 2004

Hotels shift into high gear on Internet access

According to an American Hotel....More
Sep 01, 2004

Here she comes...

According to a Florida resident on the MIMlist listserv, who also supplied the link to this NOAA image, Floridians are already hunkering down for....More
Sep 01, 2004

New airline search engine coming up

According to Fast Company Now, there's a new search engine designed to find you the absolutely lowest fare, regardless of who's issuing it (the....More
Sep 01, 2004

Bad idea of the day

From the British chef who brought you "bacon-and-egg ice cream, snail porridge and a mousse "poached" in liquid nitrogen…Heston Blumenthal, owner and....More
Sep 01, 2004

Making awards more rewarding

Does your organization give out awards? One way to create some extra "buzz" about them might be to do what Interaction, the 63rd World Science....More
Sep 01, 2004

Missing teeth and other odd items

My sister-in-law, who works for a bus company, cracked me up recently with a story about a woman who left her teeth on the bus. The good news was....More
Aug 31, 2004

News flash

PlanSoft Corp. and seeUthere Technologies, two of the biggest meeting supplier marketing and corporate spend management solutions for meetings and....More
Aug 31, 2004

From Abu Dhabi to Orlando

Last month, we blogged about how the Middle East is gearing up for meetings. Here’s an update: In tandem with other emirates such as Ras Al Khaimah....More
Aug 31, 2004

Legal checklists galore

I just stumbled across this great compilation of hospitality law-related checklists on hospitalitylawyer.com. Definitely a must-bookmark site for....More
Aug 30, 2004

Southwest's "large-passenger" policy lands airline in hot water

This AP article outlines the latest news: "A cosmetics company CEO has sued Southwest Airlines, alleging that she was unfairly subjected to its....More
Aug 30, 2004

Guard those videos!

If you don’t, this could happen to you: A teachers’ back-to-school motivational video somehow got a pornographic image inserted into it. I’m sure....More
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