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Aug 06, 2004

I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of these

For a trip to bizarro-land, check out this article on themed funerals from Harpers. I’m not sure which creeps me out worse, the horse-racing theme (....More
Aug 05, 2004

Omaha for haute cuisine?

Sure, Nebraska has a lot of cows and corn, but when Omaha’s Qwest Center wooed a group of insurance meeting planners recently, they did it with....More
Aug 05, 2004

What's next, escape-a-meeting?

Interesting editorial in today’s New York Times about a new cell phone service from Cingular Wireless called "Escape-a-Date," where you can program....More
Aug 05, 2004

Microsoft in the chips, but not for events

"Microsoft Corp., which has amassed an unparalleled cash hoard of nearly $60 billion from its world-dominating software business, announced recently....More
Aug 05, 2004

Get lost?

I’m one of those people who always gets lost in a mall, but I usually do OK when I’m in a city. Unless it’s Boston. No matter how many times I drive....More
Aug 04, 2004

Must be having pork for lunch

Pharmaceutical companies can’t pay to fly doctors in for educational meetings, but they can provide "scholarships" for local politician events,....More
Aug 04, 2004

Big Mac attack

It’s easy to eat poorly when on the road, but here’s food for thought for the next time you reach for the Golden Arches: You’ll have to walk 9.5....More
Aug 04, 2004

You picked a fine time to leave me Blue Shield

That’s the name of one of the songs by Dr. Sam and The Frivolous Action Blues Band, whose CDs would make great giveaways for a physician meeting--or....More
Aug 04, 2004


CNN’s mics caught a little blue language from Don Mischer, who was the executive producer for the DNC, when a handset he was using to urge his people....More
Aug 03, 2004

Eli Lilly joins the preferred crowd

As CMI pointed out recently, the trend toward companies using preferred vendors is alive and well. To prove the point, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly....More
Aug 03, 2004

Sweatiest cities

From the latest issue of Corporate Meetings....More
Aug 03, 2004

Am I missing something?

According to this article from Special Events, a survey of U.S.-based corporate marketing executives conducted by the George P. Johnson Co. and the....More
Aug 03, 2004

On the road again...

Sorry to have been so quiet lately. I just spent a lovely, if warm, four-day mini-vacation at my in-laws' place in Myrtle Beach, S.C. I have to admit....More
Jul 29, 2004

Take care in Cancun

Usually, the only thing you have to worry about in the beautiful Mexican resort area of Cancun is putting on enough sunscreen and ducking the drunken....More
Jul 29, 2004

Next up

A while back, I posted about radio-frequency identification, or RFID, and how these little units could be cropping up on a conference badge near your....More
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