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Jun 18, 2004

What's wrong with this system?

For some reason, as I sat on the runway at NYC’s LaGuardia airport last night, waiting for a huge line of thunderstorms to move through so we could....More
Jun 18, 2004

Is this funny?

Just curious about what people think about this article from MPI's magazine. An online group I'm involved with took great offense to this guy's take....More
Jun 18, 2004

Who will be the next survivor?

Food for thought from this week's Society for Hospitality Management's training bulletin: "Times are changing. Success is no longer as simple as a....More
Jun 18, 2004

Buzzword of the day

coma factor: The degree of dullness of a meeting, presentation or reading material. "So let's try to describe this issue in language with a low coma....More
Jun 18, 2004

How ironic is this?

According to this article from the Las Vegas Sun, "thieves snatched two computers from a Hong Kong trade fair, a particularly brazen act considering....More
Jun 17, 2004

Everybody's got a cousin in Miami...

or so goes the Jimmy Buffett song. Now Hawaii’s betting everyone has a cousin-—or at least a professional connection—-with someone in the islands....More
Jun 16, 2004

A fine whine

If you can't stand whining, go ahead and skip this one. I just had such an awful time getting from Austin to N.Y. yesterday that I have to b#$#@$ and....More
Jun 15, 2004

Banquet ettiquette tip

I learned this neat tip from a fellow diner at yesterday's luncheon here at the HCEA conference in Austin. We were all staring in confusion at the....More
Jun 14, 2004

On the road again

This weekend I flew from Boston to Austin, via Chicago, to get to the Healthcare Convention....More
Jun 14, 2004

Welcoming first-timers

I came to the HCEA show two years ago, when it was held in Toronto, and found that while the education was great, the social scene was pretty hard to....More
Jun 14, 2004

And the beat goes on

Always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to get people from the general session room to the exhibit hall, I think HCEA came up with a....More
Jun 14, 2004

Talk about audience participation

The Sunday night reception at HCEA was amazing, though a tad scarce of chow for us non-meat eaters. Held at Austin’s Bob Bullock Texas State History....More
Jun 14, 2004

What's my beef?

OK, I’m mainly a vegetarian (a little chicken or fish every now and then, but not often), and being here in Texas, aka beef country, is getting to be....More
Jun 14, 2004

The picture of creativity

I remember a few years ago at the annual Religious Conference Management conference, they had an artist drawing to music as part of the final night’s....More
Jun 11, 2004

Recovery coming soon, barring further problems

We’re within a year or two of full recovery for the hospitality industry, according to a survey of executives attending New York University's 26th....More
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