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Jun 28, 2004

Business looking up for Chicago

According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, trade shows and conventions boosted the city’s bottom line in 2003. "The city hosted 40 major....More
Jun 25, 2004

Mistaken identities?

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this press release from Phoenix Marketing International about how members of the hotel industry’s biggest....More
Jun 25, 2004

Shareholder meetings = bored meetings?

According to an article from Pioneer Press, "More companies are paying attention to director attendance at shareholder meetings. But some say the '....More
Jun 24, 2004

NYC hotels gearing up

The intro to this article on security preparations for the Republican National Convention in New York City says it all: "We are getting a first hand....More
Jun 23, 2004

Anyone up for a change?

Meeting professionals who are tired of hitting resistance when trying to institute something new—-whether it be a new site selection process, a more....More
Jun 23, 2004

Talk about inflation

Check out this idea: An inflatable meeting room. It reminds me a little of Mr. Amato's grammar school gym class, where we'd all take the edge of a....More
Jun 23, 2004

Getting it together

Wouldn't it be nice if the meeting industry associations could do what America Online, Yahoo!, Earthlink, and Microsoft did recently when they put....More
Jun 23, 2004

Comdex cancelled

According to an article on zdnet.com Comdex, once THE tech show, has been cancelled. "Eric Faurot, vice president of Comdex organizer MediaLive....More
Jun 22, 2004

The new must-have

Forget the designer shampoo and in-room coffee pots: What today’s business traveler most wants is wireless Internet access, according to this article....More
Jun 22, 2004

Buzzword of the day

meeting: Gathering where minutes are kept, but hours are lost. Nominated by Roxy Gwynn Courtesy of www.buzzwhack.com. To receive a weekly blog update....More
Jun 22, 2004

Two strikes and you're out

Attention association planners: According to an article in Operations and Fulfillment magazine, you only get two chances to make a good impression—or....More
Jun 22, 2004

Sitting pretty on international flights

A while back I mentioned seatguru.com, which lets people know where the good (and awful) seats are on different types of planes on U.S. airlines. Now....More
Jun 21, 2004

Why are we surprised when they lie and cheat?

All the corporate scandals of the past few years have had people in an uproar over corporate responsibility, or the lack thereof. Then I read in....More
Jun 21, 2004

Stellar tips

There are some great ideas on ConventionPlanit’s site, compiled by and for planners. The best part, to me anyway, is that you get to vote on your....More
Jun 21, 2004

Do the bump

This article from msnbc.com reminds me of the old days when I’d fly between Denver and the East Coast via People’s Express (remember that low-budget....More
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