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Aug 19, 2004

A new use for blogs

Cool new use for blogs in today’s New York Times—teachers are using them in classrooms to help students interact, share experiences, and all that....More
Aug 19, 2004


Someone sent me a list of serious groaners, which of course I have to share with you all, in slightly modified form: An antenna was tapped to plan an....More
Aug 18, 2004

Why it costs so much to use a hotel phone and other burning questions

An interesting interview with J. Willard Marriott Jr., the 72-year-old chairman and namesake of the 2,700-hotel Marriott Hotels International, in the....More
Aug 18, 2004

Federal air marshals on the decline

That’s right, despite the fact that they currently only fly on 5 percent of flights and increasing rumblings that "something" is bound to happen....More
Aug 18, 2004

Starwood on diversity

Starwood makes the grade at diversitybusiness.com, with an article on its diversity philosophy and business practices. "Our goal is to have the....More
Aug 18, 2004

Helping hands during hurricane aftermath

Not only did the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort....More
Aug 17, 2004

Trekkies take over and other strange headlines

From the New York Post: "The Jets were unable to book a hotel for the team in downtown Indianapolis for their game because there's a Star Trek....More
Aug 17, 2004

One more on building trust

Another interesting article about trust and customers from Direct magazine. While it's written for the direct marketer and the retail end of things,....More
Aug 17, 2004

Creating community the eBay way

According to Catalog Age, there's a lot you can learn from the eBay model, regardless of what "product" you're selling--including, I would argue,....More
Aug 16, 2004

Turning customer evangelism upside down

An interesting question from marketing guru Katherine Stone on the recent Fast Company Now Blogjam: "Plenty of people talk about customer evangelism....More
Aug 16, 2004

Dumb product du jour

Just try to get this through airport security on your next trip--the Kalashnikov MP3 player, which looks alarmingly like the real thing to me....More
Aug 16, 2004

Disney does it again

A news flash from mickeynews.com: The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., has added a new slate of professional development curriculum presented by....More
Aug 16, 2004

Air apparent

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the ins and outs of various airports. Thanks to the MIMlist listserv, here are some links to sites that will make....More
Aug 13, 2004

Send good thoughts to Tampa

Sounds like Tampa hotels shutting down in anticipation of the hurricane today. Please send good thoughts to all who live, work, and meet in Florida....More
Aug 13, 2004

Just how adventurous is your group?

According to traveltalkradio, the growing trend is clothing-optional resorts. In fact, it says that the American Association for Nude Recreation is....More
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