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Aug 31, 2004

Legal checklists galore

I just stumbled across this great compilation of hospitality law-related checklists on hospitalitylawyer.com. Definitely a must-bookmark site for....More
Aug 30, 2004

Southwest's "large-passenger" policy lands airline in hot water

This AP article outlines the latest news: "A cosmetics company CEO has sued Southwest Airlines, alleging that she was unfairly subjected to its....More
Aug 30, 2004

Guard those videos!

If you don’t, this could happen to you: A teachers’ back-to-school motivational video somehow got a pornographic image inserted into it. I’m sure....More
Aug 30, 2004

Dolce powering a new 24-hour call center for meeting planners

In a move that should make life easier for its customers, Dolce International Conference....More
Aug 30, 2004

Hooters Hotel coming to Vegas

When I first heard Hooters was starting up an airline, I thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t. And now, it looks like they’re putting new meaning....More
Aug 27, 2004

If you can’t dodge ‘em, join ‘em

Here’s an idea that has meetings written all over it: dodgeball, a new wireless phone service that connect you with friends—and friends of friends—in....More
Aug 27, 2004

Tricks of the trade

It looks like every profession has them. My favorite two from this article: Attorney Do whatever it takes to fit your contracts onto a single page:....More
Aug 27, 2004

What will they think of next?

Portable travel flower vases--what an interesting idea! Might make a nice pillow gift for those VIPs who spend too much time on the road and would....More
Aug 26, 2004

So much for the nay-sayers

Boston area hotels were weeping, wailing, and doing everything short of self-flagellation at all the business they were going to lose while the....More
Aug 26, 2004

Go, Groton!

I felt a little town spirit for my hometown of Groton, Mass., when I read this press release about a new restaurant that’ll be opening soon just....More
Aug 26, 2004

Those poor, poor students—not!

It might be time to rethink those special student discount registrations, according to an item in this week’s Promoextra e-newsletter: Contrary to....More
Aug 26, 2004

Construction zone ahead?

If you haven't done so recently, be sure to ask your headquarters hotel if they have any renovations coming up--according to an article from BTN,....More
Aug 25, 2004

The fast 50

Tradeshow Week has come out with its list of 50 fastest growing trade shows. Despite my post yesterday about quality vs. quantity, when it comes to....More
Aug 25, 2004

I am a dish drainer

OK, this has to be the dumbest personality test since the one I took that tells you what kind of dog breed you are (I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog), but....More
Aug 25, 2004


This is so off-topic, but I just read on Boing Boingthat someone has had the brilliant idea of editing the original Planet of the Apes movie down to....More
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