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Jul 16, 2004

Beam me up, Scottie

Just think, one of these days you won’t have to spend all that cash flying in your keynoters first class—-according to this article from TRNmag.com,....More
Jul 16, 2004

Is bigger really better?

The confluence of reading this Washington Post article, Rich Westerfield's post on the TSMI blog, and getting a press release from NYC....More
Jul 16, 2004

TGIF timewaster

Humor.about.com strikes again. This afternoon's choice is "Let them sing it for you." Just type in your lyrics (I made up some really goofy ones) and....More
Jul 16, 2004

Scared yet?

Whether you're one of those people who have no fear of flying and feel safe from terrorism in the skies or are more a giant chicken like me, read....More
Jul 16, 2004

What we want in continuing education

Michele Wierzgac posted some interesting questions on the MIMlist listserv yesterday about what planners want in their own adult ed. Here's what I'd....More
Jul 15, 2004

And I thought the Millennium hotel eBay sale was strange

That was before I saw this item on Yahoo: LONDON (AFP) - A banana half eaten by a British television presenter has been sold for 1,650 pounds (3,000....More
Jul 15, 2004

Are you on the list?

A relatively shocking (I thought) study by Arial Software on how organizations are doing in complying with the CAN-SPAM Act found that if you....More
Jul 15, 2004

Inflate your trade show presence

First it was inflatable hotels, then inflatable meeting space…and now we have blow-up booths! What’s next, inflatable attendees? There’s already too....More
Jul 15, 2004

Our tax dollars at work

OK frequent fliers, the good news is that the government has decided to scrap CAPPS II, the dubious airport screening program that would rank....More
Jul 15, 2004

Just in time for the next teambuilding event

This poster from despair.com probably wouldn’t make the best backdrop for a teambuilding activity, but it sure cracked me....More
Jul 14, 2004

More on Boston's big days

Sorry, it's such big news locally that I can't help but think everyone cares about Boston's new center and the MacWorld/SAP events that are going on....More
Jul 14, 2004

File under S for stupid

Too dumb to be true, but a guy in Minneapolis expressed his opinion on airport screeners by dropping trou--sans underwear. "Miller then said, 'There....More
Jul 14, 2004

Buy space the eBay way?

I’ve never bought anything on eBay (the shame, the horror! I still don’t know how to use all the options on my cellphone, either—-pity me), but a....More
Jul 14, 2004

Reality bites

That’s the headline of this article from Special Events: "Demonstrating once again that ‘reality TV’ is a questionable term, two professional event....More
Jul 14, 2004

She's got the look

The Harrah's look, that is. Reminds me of back in the dark ages when I was a bartender at a disco and had to wear, well, we'll just call it a harem....More
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