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Jun 10, 2004

Fear of flying

Just in case anyone else in blogland shares my fear of flying, the only things that really help me are: An amazingly good book that I can lose myself....More
Jun 10, 2004

My, look how much you've grown

According to this item from hotel-online, InterContinental Hotels Group, Cendant, and Marriott International are the largest three hotel groups in....More
Jun 09, 2004

A great time-waster

It has nothing to do with meetings, but this site is pretty darn....More
Jun 09, 2004

I love it when they get it right

Our company, Primedia Business, recently held an "editorial summit," where editors from magazines throughout the company gathered to share ideas,....More
Jun 09, 2004

Martin and Woods win scholarships—congratulations!

According to a press release: "Two emerging leaders in the association profession have been awarded scholarships opportunities with the Banff Centre....More
Jun 09, 2004

Oh my aching back

Ever feel that way after a long day in meetings? I know I have. That's why CMI magazine treated ergonomics as its Last Word one issue last year. For....More
Jun 08, 2004

In New Orleans, what else would you do?

An articleon nola.com recently touted the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, held on Memorial Day weekend, as a boon not just for tourism, but....More
Jun 08, 2004

Let's go surfing now

On what seems like the first really hot day of the summer here in New England, this seems appropriate: If you ever need inspiration for a beach- or....More
Jun 07, 2004

Who says there's nothing funny about airlines?

Why not kick Monday off with a little bit of silliness? Here’s a look at a "gripe sheet"—a form pilots fill out after each flight to convey to the....More
Jun 07, 2004

Phoenix wants a hotel, now!

According to this article from the Arizona Republic, the success of the Phoenix Civic Plaza’s $600 million expansion depends on a new 1,000-room....More
Jun 07, 2004

Something fishy about the catch of the day?

According to this article from hotel-online.com, that "catch of the day" at a restaurant may actually be the catch of several days ago. If you’re....More
Jun 04, 2004

Equal pay for equal work?

According to an article at salon.com, feminists around the country should rejoice that the long-shouted battle cry is won on at least a few....More
Jun 03, 2004

Really bad joke of the day

This one's so awful, I just had to pass it along: A frog walks into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is....More
Jun 03, 2004

Wait no longer

If you’ve been waiting until broadband usage hits the mainstream of your meeting attendees before jazzing up your meeting Web site, chances are you....More
Jun 03, 2004

Turn your marketing message into a dialogue

That’s the message of this article from Catalog Age, and I think it’s great advice for those who are in charge of marketing a meeting, or anything....More
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