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May 10, 2004

Bueno idea from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, soon to be home to the $200 million, state-of-the-art Puerto Rico Convention Center, wants to know what planners want. So the Puerto....More
May 10, 2004

Think positive

The latest edition of the Positive Performance newsletter is out, and it’ a good one. I love the item on developing positive business partnerships....More
May 07, 2004

Scuse me, while I kiss this guy

If you’re of a certain age and musical bent, you’ll recognize this as the garbled version everyone sang of Jimi Hendrix’s song Purple Haze (it’s....More
May 07, 2004

Top 10 signs your child may turn out to be a meeting planner

We published this one in our e-newsletter, MeetingsNet Extra, a while back, but it's still funny, I think! Top 10 signs your child may turn out to be....More
May 07, 2004

More security measures at the airport

Worried that terrorists might dress up like airline and airport workers to get access to our planes, the Transportation Security Administration is....More
May 06, 2004

Video may have killed the radio star

but will meeting technology kill meeting industry associations? That’s the question tech guru Corbin Ball raises in an article from his latest....More
May 06, 2004

You get what you pay for

Here’s another spin on the attrition gig—remind people that they’ll get what they pay for if they reserve their room through third-party sites like....More
May 05, 2004

Int’l attendees, stay home?

The National Business Travel Association has released a white paper on the overall impact of CAPPS II and security-related privacy issues on travel....More
May 05, 2004

FYI on the FBI and airlines

Accordiing to Saturday’s New York Times, the release of airline passenger data in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks airlines....More
May 05, 2004

Anyone for some ants on a log?

Ever hold a family program only to watch in horror as the kids refuse to eat anything but fat-laden macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, or french fries?....More
May 04, 2004

More on online stuff

This must be Web week! Here’s another study, the Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown....More
May 04, 2004

Press Release Headline of the Week

From Chief Marketer e-newsletter-- Press Release Headline of the Week: "95% of Americans Like Cereal. 57% Like Sex. We've Got Cereal."--from an April....More
May 03, 2004

How big a threat are Internet hotel sites?

It depends, but if you’re linked to the hotel brand’s site, you should be in the pink, according to the Hospitality Sales....More
May 03, 2004

And your little dog, too

Now that so many drive-to, regional meetings are taking place, I wouldn’t be surprised if pet-loving attendees like me might be tempted to bring....More
May 03, 2004

One more perk of celebrity

I remember reading a while back about some couple who got a company to sponsor their wedding so they could be married for free, but this article from....More
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