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May 14, 2004

Presidential suites

A sneak preview from the June issue of CMI (which will be online in a couple of weeks): Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., the presumptive Democratic....More
May 14, 2004

Detroit loves religious meetings

That’s when the Metro Detroit's third annual Religious Meeting Planners Forum is scheduled at the Sheraton Detroit Novi hotel. The planners will get....More
May 14, 2004

Proof that there’s an association for just about everything

Thanks to the good folks on the MIMlist listserve for reminding me that there truly is an association for just about everything imaginable, such as:....More
May 14, 2004

Bye-bye buyers market

According to this article, the news from the American Hotel....More
May 13, 2004

Repurposing with a purpose

I've spoken with a number of planners who are frustrated with their inability to inject what has been proven to have results into their meetings--....More
May 13, 2004

Not so old and in the way

In the past, people may have retired happily and spent their golden years playing golf and pruning the petunias, but not us Baby Boomers. As author,....More
May 13, 2004

Beat the unemployment blues

Interesting editorial in today's New York Times about the whole outsourcing trend and where the jobs of the future will be. According to authors W....More
May 13, 2004

Off-topic rant

What is wrong with these people? You know, the people like the guy in this article who took pictures of his naked girlfriend without her knowledge,....More
May 12, 2004

Adult learning resources

Just FYI: PCMA's Web site has a fantastic collection of articles on adult learning that really should be a must-bookmark for all involved in meetings....More
May 12, 2004

Growing a new crop of leaders

I've been working with three of today's leaders in continuing medical education to develop an online place where tomorrow's CME leaders can develop....More
May 11, 2004

MPI’s BC chapter feeds your head

Bravo to MPI’s British Columbia chapter, which has added a dynamic newsreader to its Web site. It looks like it plugs directly into Google’s News....More
May 11, 2004

Premature conjecture

According to this article, the current GWSAE/ASAE merger is already making some waves with the staff, some of whom have expressed a desire to split....More
May 11, 2004

Tipping tips

A couple of useful articles on who, when, and how much to tip: Service NOT Included Tipping Guidelines To receive a weekly blog update, e-mail....More
May 11, 2004

You might be in the hotel industry if...

Thanks to a poster with a good sense of humor on the MIMlist listserve for this one. You might be in the hotel industry if... 1. You sat at the same....More
May 10, 2004

Bueno idea from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, soon to be home to the $200 million, state-of-the-art Puerto Rico Convention Center, wants to know what planners want. So the Puerto....More
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