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Oct 30, 2014

Is Your Conference a Jimmy Choo or a Honda?

Marketing genius Seth Godin says most companies—and conferences—eventually become either a utilitarian brand like Honda, or luxury brand like Jimmy....More
Oct 27, 2014

Beware the Autocorrect, Meetings Edition2

It has always paid to proofread all meeting materials to make sure there are no typos—autocorrect just adds a new twist....More
Oct 23, 2014

When It Comes to Comfort on Planes, Did We Ask for a Lack Thereof in Return for Cheap Airfare?

Travel consumer advocate Chris Elliott says we don't have to accept the airlines' argument that accepting small seats and growing baggage fees equals....More
Oct 15, 2014

Nominate Your Pick for Planner Nobel Prizes

I was kind of kidding about developing a Nobel Prize for planners, but now that I'm getting inquiries, let's actually do it!....More
Oct 13, 2014

Just for Fun: Lemurs and Lollipops

My cure for Mondays: Adorable animals (that are not cats) acting adorably....More
Oct 10, 2014

Ebola, Meetings, and Business Travel

We're all watching in horror as the deadly disease rips through Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. How much do we need to worry that it will affect....More
Oct 09, 2014

Meetings and the Predictability Paradox

Knowing exactly what is going to happen makes people feel comfortable and secure. But it's not going to help them learn more at your meeting....More
Oct 08, 2014

Nobel Prizes, Meetings and Events Version

I think it's time we laud some of your mad meeting management skills with our own version of the Nobels!....More
Oct 07, 2014

The Meetings App Gap

According to a new study from American Express, planners and attendees aren't on the same wavelength when it comes to the importance of social media....More
Oct 01, 2014

Want Federal Government Employees to Attend Your Event? Invite Them to Eat Your Lunch.

If you want to attract federal government attendees to your event, make it a half-day affair....More
Experiencing Marriott's Teleporter in Cambridge, Mass.
Sep 29, 2014

To Hawaii and London, via Teleporter in Cambridge, Mass.

It may not be quite a "beam me up, Scotty" experience, but Marriott's new Teleporter that's making the rounds is still pretty cool, if not a game-....More
Sep 25, 2014

Question Authority—Especially Your Own

We all have unconscious biases, and the influence what we do and the decisions we make in ways we aren't aware of. Especially for planners, think....More
Sep 22, 2014

Inspiration in a Ketchup Bottle

This condiment at brunch yesterday got me thinking hmm, I bet we could do something fun with this idea for meetings....More
Sep 18, 2014

Marriott Hotels Looking to Transport Guests—Virtually2

I have to check out the Marriott Teleporter when it comes to Boston next week!....More
Sep 15, 2014

How Twitter Going All Facebooky Could Affect Event Marketing

Twitter recently unveiled some platform design tweaks that make it look and feel more like Facebook—and that potentially could make it a better tool....More
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