Let's meet on Jeju Island

    “K,” a new employee at Overture, an online advertising company, received an order from his boss, saying, “We have a meeting on Jeju Island at 9:00 a.m. Please for prepare the meeting now.”

    Upon hearing the order, he began to pack a travel bag, saying, “It is great that we have a meeting on Jeju Island. My company is different.” However, his co-workers didn’t move. Later, he found that Jeju Island was the name of a meeting room.

Yup, according to Donga.com, the latest trend is to name corporate meeting rooms after hot resort areas in the effort, presumably, to make employees feel like they're somewhere a lot more fun than the 14th floor conference room.

But why stop with the meeting rooms? Everyone should be able to name their cubicle after somewhere a little more enticing. So, just for today, I'll be working in Tahiti. Care to join me? (Actually, I decorated the home office I telecommute from with a bit of a tropical theme—and I think it does help me de-stress on those stressful days. I'd post a photo if I dared.)

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