Quick notes from New York


I had a quick day-trip to New York City yesterday--gotta love that town. Anyway, those who know me know my pet peeve about airline food (or, more likely, the lack thereof), so I was beyond thrilled when I got a fresh and tasty Dunkin Donuts bagel on my obscenely early flight from Boston to NYC yesterday morning. I know, I'm awfully easy to please. And the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf=Astoria is gorgeous! I was at an awards banquette there (I was close, but no cigar, for a Neal Award for a news article I wrote for Medical Meetings), and the surroundings were just spectacular, like something out of an old movie. I almost expected the "Sound of Music" kids to pop out and serenade us. Seriously.

Quick tip: If you're in what the locals refer to as "The City" and can't get a cab, you can call a car service to come pick you up. And the numbers are easy to remember--one is all 3's, another all 6's, so you don't have to try to find a phone book or call 411 to figure out who to call. We used the service to get out of dodge just as rush hour began, and the driver showed up on time and whisked us away to LaGuardia with no problems. Nice touch at the end of a really, really long day.

Anyway, I'm still getting caught up, but hopefully will get to post some of the stuff I have waiting in the queue soon...

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