Sue Pelletier

Editor, Medical Meetings/MeetingsNet's mad blogger, Meetingsnet

Sue, who has been with MeetingsNet since 1998, previously wrote for and edited several national and international trade magazines and newsletters for the environmental industry. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, she also helped to plan a technical trade conference and exposition and several smaller meetings for the environmental industry before deciding to stick with what she does best. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her surrogate child, Mango the Australian shepherd.

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3 Ways to Stay Within Your AV Budget

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Is There No Escape from the Meeting Planning Mindset?

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Overcoming Global AV Meeting and Event Challenges

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Bob Addleton, incoming 2016 president of the Alliance for Continuing Education
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Notes from the Road: Reflections from #ACEhp16

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The Other Single Best Way to Kill Your Organization's Event Personalization Efforts

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21 Business Travel Hacks for Meeting Planners and Other Road Warriors

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Marriott, Don't Take My Desk!

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If This Sounds Familiar, You're Probably in the Hotel Industry

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Infographic: How to Avoid a Hangover

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How to Keep Work from Killing You

For those who want to make some work-related resolutions for the new year, here are a few good ideas for some easy-to-implement changes that could....More