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Sue, who has been with MeetingsNet since 1998, previously wrote for and edited several national and international trade magazines and newsletters for the environmental industry. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, she also helped to plan a technical trade conference and exposition and several smaller meetings for the environmental industry before deciding to stick with what she does best. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her surrogate child, Mango the Australian shepherd.

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in face2face Sep 20, 2004

Heading off the snipers

Great advice from the folks at on how to handle that person—and most meetings have one—who just wants to shoot down everyone and everything....More
in Capsules Sep 20, 2004

Not everyone loves evidence-based medicine

Check out this blistering satire in BMJ that compares EBM to a religion. Clinicians for the Restoration of Autonomous Practice has written this....More
in Capsules Sep 17, 2004

CME goes to the blogs?

I just ran across a fascinating idea on Family Medicine Notes: providing accredited CME on blogs. (A blog is an online journal, in this case,....More
in Capsules Sep 17, 2004

Nebraska links its way to better CME

Nebraska s wide-open spaces make it both a great place to live and a difficult place to get CME for those who live far outside the larger cities....More
in face2face Sep 17, 2004

Looking for local info?

News from Ask Jeeves is adding CitySearch local and business data to its database, which should make it easier to use the site....More
in face2face Sep 17, 2004

Getting creative about flying

Creativity can be used for almost anything. Here are how some are using theirs when it comes to the airlines: The bad--OK, this is scary: a PDF of....More
in face2face Sep 17, 2004

Does your cruise ship measure up?

Here’s a handy thing to have: Cruise ship inspection scores. These are score(s) for ships inspected between: 09/01/04 – 07/01/04,compiled from CDC....More
in Capsules Sep 17, 2004

Is it really getting more competitive for CME providers?

According to a press release from the Medical Industry Conference Calendar Newsletter, the number of medical meetings being held annually has....More
in face2face Sep 16, 2004

Your next speaker is…a flower?

Yup, the folks at Music Bird Corp. have invented a gizmo that turns flowers into stereo systems. According to Gizmodo: "the ‘Canon,’ a series of....More
in Capsules Sep 16, 2004

Playing doctors?

According to Game Journalism, there s a conference starting tomorrow called Games for Health 2004 that will "examine how interactive games can....More