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Sue, who has been with MeetingsNet since 1998, previously wrote for and edited several national and international trade magazines and newsletters for the environmental industry. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, she also helped to plan a technical trade conference and exposition and several smaller meetings for the environmental industry before deciding to stick with what she does best. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her surrogate child, Mango the Australian shepherd.

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in face2face Aug 20, 2004

Hotel wins suit against NAPUS

"National Assn of Postmasters of the US will have to pay the Hyatt Regency Washington more than $257,000 plus related costs under an Aug. 6 summary....More
in face2face Aug 20, 2004

Airline spoof still flying high

For some reason, I just flashed on an airline spoof site I wrote about last fall that still gives me the giggles to think about. So, this being....More
in face2face Aug 20, 2004

Watch out for Ted!

I know Republicans have had Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., on their "watch" list for eons, but now it seems that air transportation officials have....More
in Capsules Aug 20, 2004

The Stark (II) Truth

The Stark II law, which just went into effect a few weeks ago, has to be one of the most frustrating documents I ve dealt with in a while. Sponsored....More
in face2face Aug 19, 2004

Are AMCs taking over?

When even industry associations like SITE and ICPA are turning over their organizational leadership to association management companies, you know the....More
in face2face Aug 19, 2004

Project Attrition Phase 2 report is here

Here’s the link to the CIC’s latest research results on why attendees book outside the block. It also contains some pretty good suggestions on ways....More
in Capsules Aug 19, 2004

Disease mongering, part 2

It s interesting to see two items related to this show up in one day (see below). In this one, the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics take....More
in face2face Aug 19, 2004

A new use for blogs

Cool new use for blogs in today’s New York Times—teachers are using them in classrooms to help students interact, share experiences, and all that....More
in Capsules Aug 19, 2004

Disease mongering?

A while back, Medical Meetings posed what I think is an interesting question: Are CME providers being used by the pharmaceutical industry to....More
in face2face Aug 19, 2004


Someone sent me a list of serious groaners, which of course I have to share with you all, in slightly modified form: An antenna was tapped to plan an....More