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Sue, who has been with MeetingsNet since 1998, previously wrote for and edited several national and international trade magazines and newsletters for the environmental industry. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, she also helped to plan a technical trade conference and exposition and several smaller meetings for the environmental industry before deciding to stick with what she does best. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her surrogate child, Mango the Australian shepherd.

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in Capsules Sep 10, 2004

Another wrinkle in today s tight security environment

I wouldn t normally think of an the International Atomic Energy Agency meeting as being of interest to medical meeting providers, but in this case, I....More
in Capsules Sep 09, 2004

Florida takes a hit with cancelled medical meetings

Among those who had to cancel or postpone their Florida meetings due to the hurricanes is GlaxoSmithKline. the British pharmaceutical company,....More
in face2face Sep 08, 2004

The latest in destination promotion

According to travelwirenews, there’s a show in Sydney, Australia, that caters to the travel needs of gays and lesbians. Which is very smart marketing....More
in face2face Sep 08, 2004

Next time, skip the convention center?

If I'm reading him right, Rich Westerfield poses an interesting scenario for trade shows: buying out an all-suite hotel for the whole shebang, not....More
in Capsules Sep 08, 2004

Department of Homeland Security provides grant to AMA to put course online

I read recently that the AMA got $1 million grant for online course from The U.S. Department of Homeland Security to put its disaster and terrorist....More
in Capsules Sep 08, 2004

NIH proposes sea change in clinical trial data releases

According to Medical News Today, the National Institutes of Health "on Friday proposed a major policy change that would make available at no cost to....More
in Capsules Sep 08, 2004

Alliance Annual Conference

If you are planning to attend the 2005 Alliance for CME Annual Conference, scheduled for January 26-29, 2005 at the San Francisco Marriott, be sure....More
in face2face Sep 08, 2004

Volunteer help

Having trouble getting volunteers to put together those meeting packets? Wonder how you can keep your best volunteers from burning out and quitting....More
in face2face Sep 08, 2004

When a drive-in meeting becomes a fly-to

Hey, according to this USA Today article, one of these days we will all be able to zip around in our car-planes, just like George Jetson. OK, it....More
in face2face Sep 08, 2004

Biggest airport concern

According to a survey by the Air Travelers Association, security line wait times are the biggest concern travelers have by far—90 percent ranked it....More