Ray Bloom
IMEX Group Chairman

Tip or product: Always travel light!

Why it’s a must: I only travel with carry-on luggage. As many IMEX staff will tell you, I like to walk quickly and get straight to where I want to go. Waiting for luggage to come off the conveyor just takes too long…wherever you are in the world.

My story: Even on a three-week trip in the U.S. a couple of years ago, which included back-to-back conferences, I still managed with just the one carry-on case. In saying this, I appreciate that many women—including many IMEX team members—will find this hard to emulate!


Nikki Williams
Director of Hosted Buyer Programmes

Tip or product: Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream

Why it’s a must:

• Great for keeping your skin moisturized on long-haul flights

• Great as a lip balm when all the air-con dries your lips out

• Great for emergency use when you feel a blister coming on your foot. Just dab some cream on, and it stops blisters.

My story: On my recent trip to IMEX Las Vegas, I used it for all of the above!


Hannah Garrick
Account Executive, Hosted Buyer Programme

Tip or product: FreeLoader portable solar charger

Why it’s a must: I am a big fan of the more remote holiday and, as such, I’m often away from a power supply, whether that be on a long journey, on a beach for the day, or staying in an unreliable 

generator-powered hut! Having a small portable solar chargerallows me to power up any device instantly from the “stored” charge it will hold, or put it in the sun for a short while and use the sun’s energy. 

My story: Whilst travelling in Southeast Asia, it came in great use. As it is so small, I carried it with me on long day-trips to ensure my camera never ran out of battery. It’s also brilliant for camping or festivals.


Suzanne Metcalf
Regional Manager, Hosted Buyer Programme

Tip or product: Apply for TSA PreCheck/Global Entry!

Why it’s a must: Having TSA PreCheck/Global Entry is a time saver on both sides of the Atlantic. When travelling from participating U.S. airports, I am able to go through a shorter line, and about two out of five trips I qualify for PreCheck, meaning I don’t have to take my shoes off or laptop out while going through a pre-set (short!) line. Global Entry also helps when I return from my trips to our U.K. office in Hove, England. I am generally through customs in less than 10 minutes, even before my bags have arrived!

My story: When I was returning from the LAMEC Conference in Brazil this past August, I arrived at JFK at 6:00 a.m. after a 9.5-hour flight (with delay). I actually made it off the plane, through customs and passport control within 15 minutes, and after grabbing my bag, I was in a taxi heading home by 6:45 a.m.!


Dale Hudson
Knowledge and Events Director 

Tip or product: ear plugs and Deep Sleep from The Body Shop

Why it’s a must: Ear plugs for obvious reasons: snoring folk on planes, noisy children, people who do not realise they can just talk on a plane (they do not have to shout at each other), and, of course, hotel rooms by the lifts and ice-making machine. Deep Sleep from The Body Shop is an amazing product that really does help one to relax before bed. Just spray some on your pillow. Of course, there is usually a Body Shop in most places visited, so if you forget it, you can always buy a bottle.