While medical meeting professionals have been preparing for the Sunshine Act for years, the audit requirements reviewed by keynote speaker Daniel Garen, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at Wright Medical Technology, Arlington, Tenn., took some attendees by surprise.

Physicians can challenge the expenses that companies are reporting about them and companies have just 10 to 15 days to produce the documentation and resolve the dispute. “How many physicians will have discrepancies or want to dispute the charges?” asked Duncan. “We have to prepare for that but we don’t know the cost of preparation.”

It brings forth a lot of questions: Who will store the data—Compliance? Finance?  Meetings? What if the company uses a third-party meeting planning company—will the third party have to collect the data on site, store it, and produce the documentation if audited? With such a short timeframe to produce the documentation, will companies have enough time to follow the proper paper trail, and will third parties and corporations need to hire more people to comply with audits?