Most married couples would never—could never—work together. Live together, yes, but share jointly in the decisions and responsibilities of a business, too?

Meet Pat and Vince Ahaesy of P&V Enterprises, New York, which they started in May 1994, drawing on Pat’s event planning and management and Vince’s audiovisual production and stage theatrical services.

Vince and Pat met through mutual friends in 1991. Pat was working as a travel agent in Phoenix, while Vince owned a production company and had come to Phoenix to work an event. After dating from a distance, Pat relocated to New York City and found a job as the office manager at a midtown travel agency. “But I soon realized that I missed the planning and logistics of the group travel. So one day, Vince turned to me and said ‘Let’s work together.’ And the rest, as they say, is history.”

In their marriage and their business, it’s clear that the two complement each other. “We work well together, we make decisions mutually, and we respect each other,” says Pat.