Pat handles the venue selection, negotiations, food and beverage, and event coordination. Vince focuses on, as he puts it, “using technology creatively.” They outsource certain functions to a core group of contractors, which, she says, has been a successful business model for keeping their overhead low.

With shorter lead times, the pressure on the couple has never been greater. For example, for a fashion show and reception for 1,100 guests at the Waldorf Astoria for the Colombian Ministry of Trade, they had less than two weeks to select the venue, arrange all the staging and production, and oversee a myriad of details, such as constructing tiered seating in the ballroom and airing a live webcast of the event. (They also started a webcast subsidiary.)

But at the end of the day, despite the pressure, they’re able to leave the office behind. “Oh, we may argue and disagree about things at times, but then it’s done, there’s no carry-over,” she says. “And we never go to bed angry.”