If you're a meeting professional in the U.S. with a salary just north of $60,000, you're right on target.

According to the 2002 Salary Survey conducted by Meeting Professionals International, the average U.S. planner will earn $60,714 this year, up from $54,613 in 2000. The average salary for all respondents — including those from outside the U.S. — is $59,447.

MPI reported its salary findings regionally — Northeastern U.S., Midwestern U.S., Southern U.S., Western U.S., Canada, and International — and within those regions broke out findings by title, type of organization, experience, and other criteria.

Corporate planners tend to earn better salaries than their counterparts in associations, universities, and other institutions. However, those who have taken the risk to go out on their own as independent planners are generally reporting the highest salaries. For more survey results, go to www.mpiweb.org.

What's In Your Wallet?

Northeastern U.S. $66,453
Western U.S. $61,924
Southern U.S. $57,894
Midwestern U.S. $55,250
Canada $40,102
International $62,028

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