These five tips from Ajax, Ontario-based comedian Russell Roy ( will help you to cook up the perfect corporate roast for an outgoing boss or colleague:

  1. Make sure that you roast the right person — A boss with a short fuse, or a sensitive or insecure colleague, may not be a good choice.

  2. Choose the proper roast master — Every company has a “water-cooler entertainer.” Consider that person, says Roy, or call your local comedy club and ask a local comic to emcee.

  3. Get the best anecdotes — Have the emcee talk to the workplace friends of the roastee. However, planners should review the script in advance to make sure there's nothing too embarrassing or off-color.

  4. Build the show around a theme — such as “This is Your Life” — and do it as part of a cocktail reception.

  5. End the roast with a warm toast by a friend, but always give the roastee the last word.