In a recent webinar, Derek Dietze, MA, FACEHP, CCMEP, president, and Christopher Viereck, PhD, CCMEP, chief scientific officer, Improve CME LLC, outlined five key ways to make measuring the outcomes of continuing medical education activities successful and, if not easy, at least not a hassle that requires a staff biostatistician.

1. Plan ahead—way ahead.

  • Have a detailed, descriptive outcomes assessment plan at the earliest stages of activity development or grant request.
  • Develop assessment questions in concert with content, not as an afterthought.
  • Look at the resources you have available to create assessment questions, implement the plan, and analyze/report the results. If you want to measure changes in performance in practice, or actual patient outcomes, do you know when, where, and how you’ll get that data? “Asking those questions gives you a reality check,” said Dietze.