The Alliance for Continuing Medical Education is rolling out its latest educational platform, an online learning center called the Competency Assessment and Lifelong Learning Series, or CALLS. Available at the Alliance’s Web site,, CALLS’ core curricula consists of modules that correlate to the Alliance’s Competencies for CME Professionals: adult learning principles; educational interventions; performance measurement; systems thinking; leadership, administration, and management; and knowledge of the CME environment/lifelong learning and self-assessment.

The Alliance is kicking off 2011 with the introduction of several CALLS learning tracks. One is designed to help learners develop proficiency in CME; another is an exam prep course for those interested in earning the Certified CME Professionals designation. Three others are courses that enable learners to earn certificates in three Alliance Competencies: best practices in assessment and evaluation (Alliance Competency 3.2); directing physician self-assessment for learning and change (Alliance Competency 3.6); and facilitating improvements in healthcare by addressing barriers (Alliance Competency 4.6). The certificate courses are six-week online courses that a group of learners go through together with an online facilitator.

Go to the Alliance for CME's Web site for more information.