When all goes well, the planning is seamless, the faculty members are responsive, engaging, and effective, and the participants make significant practice improvements.

Then there are the other times, when a faculty leader accepts your invitation to help develop and implement an activity but then does not respond by phone or e-mail. You continue reaching out but receive no response, even after the deadline for content submission and review. Then the content he finally submits looks eerily similar to a promotional speaker’s bureau presentation, and the faculty member doesn’t understand why you require so many changes. After all, he says, “I have presented this same material at many other CME activities without any problems.”

Sound familiar? If not, consider yourself lucky. In a survey that our organization conducted of more than 20 other accredited providers representing academia, medical education companies, societies, and hospitals, 78 percent indicated they had run into faculty problems.

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help tame the hard-to-handle faculty member, from the planning process to activity launch.