1. Administratively astute — Are your systems streamlined? Do you prioritize? Do you use technology to its fullest?

  2. Fiscally fit — Do you watch your cash flow and prepare and understand financial statements?

  3. Technologically terrific — Do you post testimonials on your Web site? Send an e-newsletter? Maintain an up-to-date database?

  4. Client-conscious — Do you follow up after events and address concerns? Give suggestions for future events? Answer e-mails and phone calls promptly?

  5. A trend tracker — Do you keep abreast of what's happening locally, nationally, and globally?

  6. Constantly creative — Do you use creativity to satisfy clients who are always looking for something different?

  7. Positively positioned — If you do all of the above and embrace change — not fear it — you will have an edge.

SOURCE: Frances McGuckin at www.smallbizpro.com

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