The meeting industry will soon be able to sink its teeth into the first installments of the long-awaited Accepted Practices Exchange project.

Terminology and history/post-events — the first two in a series of seven that outline standards for all aspects of the meetings, convention, and exhibition industries — will be released in November by the APEX Commission, spearheaded by the Convention Industry Council. The reports are the culmination of 2½ years of research and effort.

The terminology report features the APEX Industry Glossary, which delineates some 3,852 terms and definitions that will represent the language of the industry. The glossary, not yet released, can be accessed online at It will include hyperlinks to definitions and external Web sites as well as graphics.

A post-event report, or PER, will be the standard document to log details and activities of a meeting, according to the history/post events release. After each show, a planner should fill out the 10-page PER after meeting with representatives from each entity, facility, and venue involved. The planner then sends the PER to participants. The most recent PER for an event should accompany any request for proposals soliciting bids for future events. The CIC will hold the copyright to the APEX PER template.

Both reports are subject to final approvals by the CIC's Council of Delegates, says Juli Jones, APEX project director. The council will vote at its October 29 meeting.

Up next, the final report on resumes and work orders is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2004. In the third quarter of 2004, housing and registration will be unveiled, followed by RFPs in late 2004 and meeting and site profiles in early 2005. The final report, contracts, is slated for release in the third quarter of 2005.

The next city discussion group, where industry professionals can review and comment on preliminary reports, is set for November 3 in Kansas City, Mo‥ Stay tuned for additional city discussion group announcements.

To date, the APEX Commission, sponsored by the CIC, has raised more than $1 million for the APEX Project, including a $50,000 donation from the Freeman Cos., says Jones. CIC is more than halfway to its $1.9 million fund-raising goal.