Downing dark chocolate works wonders for the psyche, but who among us has imagined that melting in the stuff would take our cares away? The signature treatments at Hotel Hershey's 17,000-square-foot spa do just that for you.

First, you're gently exfoliated from neck to toes with bits of chocolate, cocoa bean husks, and walnut shells. With the sweet smell of chocolate wafting about, it feels as if you're being prepared for some kind of esoteric chocolate-god ritual — not a bad feeling at all.

After a warm rinse, you're ready for the Chocolate Fondue Wrap. Painted in warm “moor mud” that has been infused with the essence of cocoa, you are then wrapped in a space blanket and set to bake in your body heat for 20 minutes or so. Just as you reach complete meltdown, feeling too relaxed to lift a muscle, the technician appears and you are loofa-scrubbed and rinsed in warm water.

Retreating to the Quiet Room, a haven of marble and roses, you can contemplate your experience. With your skin gorgeously soft and smelling faintly of cocoa butter, you just might become a born-again chocolate lover.