A clever meeting planner might get several uses out of a meeting's table centerpieces. Well, what if your centerpieces fed the hungry, got attendees networking, and garnered positive feelings (and tax deductions) for your company?

Consider City Harvest's edible centerpieces, designed by Christina Cerciello. After your program, the produce goes to hungry New Yorkers. "Quality produce is desperately needed to improve the diets of hungry people," says Julia Erickson, executive director of City Harvest, a nonprofit food rescue group based in Manhattan.

Centerpieces cost between $100 and $200 and come with a table note explaining the purpose of the creation--a great icebreaker.

For New York meetings, call John Krakowski at

(212) 463-0456. Or, call Foodchain at (800) 845-3008 to find the food rescue organization in your meeting city.