Never has the catchy “I Love New York” jingle been at the tips of people's tongues as much as in the past few months.

Some groups, including the American Society of Travel Agents, have moved their meetings to the city in a show of support, while others have kept them there for the same reason (see “XP's Times Square Premiere,” page 20).

Heather Mirabelli, senior meetings manager for Interlink Healthcare Communications, based in Lawrenceville, N.J., recently planned a meeting for Novartis Pharmaceutical in New York, and spoke of the city's still-great appeal. “I not only think it's our patriotic duty to start traveling again, I think we have to out of necessity,” she added. “We have to move on with our lives.”

No one knows that better than members of New York's hospitality community, who have mounted a major campaign to attract meetings to New York.

Jackie Bernstein, president, Empire Force Events, says, “When people ask what they can do to support us, I say, ‘Just travel to New York and spend your money.’”

We couldn't agree more.