Planners who schedule meetings at Loews Hotels now can get an assist from the ancient Asian art of feng shui. Certified feng shui consultant Cathleen McCandless of La Jolla, Calif., says that “by applying feng shui principles to a room, we can assure a more successful meeting and give planners an edge for their clients.”

Feng shui is really just common sense, according to McCandless. Tips she gives her clients include not positioning a speaker against a window, where glare and a view compete for audience members' attention, and softening a room's corners with plants and potted trees to create a more welcoming environment. Loews representatives say that the service has been greeted with rave reviews.

McCandless recently spoke to a group from Dentsply Corp. at a meeting at Loews Coronado Bay in San Diego, where she dispensed information on creating an environment of harmony and unity in which an audience remains more focused.

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