Business can sometimes feel like combat, so who better to train managers than a team of Gulf War fighter pilots? The Afterburner Seminars program, established two years ago, applies the strategies behind military fighter pilot training to business.

"Just imagine your competitors have grouped together to destroy your market share," says Noel Reede of Beverly Hills, CA-based Nationwide Speakers Bureau, which represents Afterburners. "Now imagine a team of highly decorated Gulf War veterans telling you how to stay alive."

The skills needed by today's fighter pilots, Reede says, are the same as those that make for successful business managers: "steely determination, intense concentration, task management, teamwork, and mutual support."

The Afterburner team includes some of the country's top veteran Air Force, Navy, and Marine fighter pilots. Founder and President Jim Murphy, the main speaker and now a commercial airline pilot, continues to fly the F-15 as an instructor pilot for the Air National Guard.

Afterburner seminars include classroom lectures and interactive role playing, as well as combat situations (either simulated on the ground or in actual flight). Afterburner Day is a one-day program in which participants compare similar situations faced in business and in air combat. During the program, a company's "fighter pilots" are called up for simulated combat situations.

The two-day Wing Commander Course teaches the same skills and techniques but includes actual flights in a fleet of T-34 aircraft. The T-34 sorties are aimed at giving management a new perspective on the way "it leads a company into battle."

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