Now you can experience the drama of the Survivor television series firsthand. Two tour companies are offering versions of the reality-based program just for groups.

The Official Survivor Tour from the Adventure Company Australia, based in Cairns, is set in the towns in which the series' second season was taped. Billed as an “adventure tour,” the eight-day tour includes guided camping, biking, canoeing, and hiking in the Queensland territory. On the seventh day, participants conduct a tribal council and select the individual most likely to survive.

Los Angeles-based Reality Incentives offers an eight-day stay on an island in northwest Fiji for up to 24 participants. Split into two teams, group members are equipped with a survivor pack that includes bedding, some food, utensils, and other essentials for managing a week on a tropical island. Guided by locals, participants try their hand at rappelling, a ropes course, navigation using a compass, exploring underwater caves, and survival techniques. The natives also teach the group how to catch fish and locate edible plants, as well as teach them about Fiji's culture.

“What we see when they come out of the week is a group that is molded stronger together and becomes more united when they get back to the work environment,” says Max Kruse, vice president of sales for Reality Incentives.