To the Editor,

Whether you're an Eastern prep school grad or just a good old high school graduate (like me), you should post “What's That You're Wearing?” (CMI June) in every company newsletter regularly.

Even a “clothes-snob” like me — I'll get off a plane before I sit next to anyone wearing a tank top — has had trouble figuring out the difference between “casual attire” and “dress casual!”

My congratulations to Tom Tennant [CMI's managing editor] — obviously a man who knows what to wear on an airplane!
Carole Wade, CMM, director of corporate meetings
Trade Development Corp.
Los Angeles


To the Editor,

I read your article on EIBTM in your e-mail newsletter, MeetingsnetXtra, and agree that there were definitely problems with the way hosted buyers were handled.

But among all this mess, I discovered a new EIBTM this year. The fact that the U.S. delegates never got “group appointments” turned out to be a blessing: All of a sudden, I had time in which I could see vendors that interested me! Instead of visiting booths of locations assigned at random to us, we had free time to wander about and discover locations we had not thought about for our programs.

That's the silver lining.
Chris Pentz, CMP
PENTZ Group Communications
Levittown, Pa.


To the Editor,

Your recent MeetingsnetXtra article regarding SITE University in Cancun criticized the current SITE headquarters team for events that were not under its control. The team inherited the University 2002 program, which had already planned by the previous team, and had little to do with the venue selection.

I agree that SITE is a leader in the incentive travel industry, more than any other association, and I am very excited about the future of our association after meeting the new SITE headquarters team. As the chair for SITE University 2003 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, I accept your challenge to make the next University “the incentive experience a SITE meeting represents.”
Dale L. Hahne
Southwest Regional Manager
USA Hosts
Scottsdale, Ariz.

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