To the Editor,
Kudos for publishing Bill Gillette's article “Make a Difference.” The Millennium Poll statistics underscore the increasing social concern among today's companies. We have been amazed at the outpouring of e-mails, letters, and phone calls in support of efforts to leave the world a little better.

There is an abundance of good will out there. The more the word gets out on how to put this good will into action, the more everyone wins.
Louise Hall Reider, CITE
Louise Hall Reider & Company
Bellevue, Wash.

To the Editor,
In the January article “Make a Difference: Earth Mum's Seven Simple Steps,” you suggested donating leftover food to shelters. I always try to do this, but I face a huge wall of resistance. At best, I end up delivering leftover food myself. Or I am insistent that the hotel staff be allowed to eat or take home all the leftovers. [Some properties have strict rules against such practices.]

I hate to see food thrown out, but trying to give it away is a huge ordeal. It shouldn't be.
Jonnette Hoover
HNTB Corp.
Kansas City, Mo.


To the Editor,
In your January editorial, you had it exactly right: After the attacks, “I don't know” summed up the state of mind of most rational business people.

We didn't know what to expect next, and that made planning incentive travel programs difficult.

But Americans are resilient. Although the incentive travel industry is still far from its normal volume, that reflects our nation's overall economic situation and is not mainly the result of terrorism.

I was also very surprised at the survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Managers, which said that 52 percent of employees would no longer consider travel as glamorous. I wonder who they asked? … I suspect the employees themselves wouldn't have agreed with their HR managers.
Bob Vitagliano, CITE
V Associates
San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

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