To the Editor,
After reading your piece on outsourcing in the December issue, I had a few thoughts. As we continually hear about corporate change, the economy, uncertainty, and downsizing, it seems that there is much to fear. But outsourcing is an opportunity, not something to be afraid of.

When a business divests itself of functions that are not directly relevant to its core business, it doesn't divest itself of the need for the function — just of the need to maintain the overhead.

How, then, does this affect the role of meeting professionals trying to manage a pared-down function in an atmosphere of job uncertainty? We have to realize that managing logistics is still critical, but we also must understand content development and vendor management to become more valuable to our companies. Now is the time to integrate what we have learned throughout our careers as planners into the mix of our daily tasks and responsibilities.

Outsourcing is nothing new. Marketing, engineering, manufacturing, etc. have all had to outsource at one point or another. Perhaps we can learn how our colleagues in these other areas adapted to this change and continued to demonstrate value to the company.
Ed Simeone, CMP,
executive producer
Fusion Productions
Nashua, N.H

To the Editor,
Your outsourcing article in the December issue was a very positive look at site selection companies. However, you singled out only the big site selection companies as being the main ones. I have been a site selection company for seven years and work just as hard for my clients. Don't forget to mention the little guy on the block as well.
Nancy Schubach, president
Meeting Sites International
Windsor, Colo.


To the Editor,
Well-done on your article on bioterrorism and meetings (December CMI). It laid out a useful set of principles for your readers, which someday might be converted to action — and could even save someone's life.
Rich Obertots, chief focus officer
Warren, Ohio

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