To the Editor,

I applaud your efforts to bring the ethical debate into the spotlight (July CMI).

At our company, we have a very specific gifting policy. Ethics is a two way street; if it's an important issue to a company, employers should be straightforward with their policies so that professionals know how to proceed in any situation.

Likewise, suppliers should know their customers and boundaries. Our department is constantly deluged with offers from resorts (both domestic and international) for fam trips and incentives that we could never ethically participate in. It seems that no matter how many profiles we update, unsolicited e-mails we unsubscribe to, or phone calls we turn down, the offers keep coming in from the same suppliers. Hopefully, better screening methods will displace these types of snafus in the future.
Laura Vickers, event manager
NCCI Holdings
Boca Raton, Fla.


To the Editor,

I wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful cover article in May's issue regarding culture. The knowledge workers of today are sophisticated and mobile. They are in high demand and can't be bribed by meaningless perks. The only perk that really matters is providing a great place to work.

Your article clearly demonstrates that making people happy really pays.
Rebecca Lacy, president
Pinnacle Management
Tempe, Ariz.


To the Editor,

The other day I was teaching “how to write a marketing plan” during a college course on destination marketing. When I asked, “How are travel agencies re-marketing and re-branding themselves since commissions, customers, and other perks have disappeared?” the room went silent. Then I made the connection that other industries, such as the meeting industry, should pay attention to this most important lesson that our travel agency colleagues have experienced. Pay attention to the big picture, the changing trends, focus on the target markets, and adjust our marketing plans (not only for our organizations but ourselves).

The meeting industry needs to wake up — there is a lot more out there than counting coffee cups.
Michele C. Wierzgac, MS, CMM
Michele and Company
Oak Lawn, Ill.