Ever wish you could clone parts of your assistant and your human-resources director — just the best qualities of both? You can — well, sort of.

Ex ad-man Kevin Carroll, of Carroll Communications, a Westport, Conn.-based training consultancy, “morphs” slides of company employees and/or executives to produce “genetically re-engineered” versions. It's good for a laugh, Carroll says — but there's a bonus.

“The idea is to have fun with this, to laugh together. But underneath it is the message that if we tap in to each other, combine our skills and work as a true team, we can reach the goals we want to as a company.”

Carroll got the idea as an advertising executive when he was asked to put together a “roast” for a client, Ocean Spray. It went so well that he decided to include the idea in his overall training and motivation presentations.

“If a company can laugh together like this, it helps create a work environment that makes people want to be there.”

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