Sea Island, Ga., will host this June's G-8 summit, an annual gathering of the leaders of the world's richest nations. And while Lisa Ray, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Office of Homeland Security, likes to think that the White House chose Sea Island “because of our gracious hospitality,” she acknowledges geography had a role. “Most certainly its secluded location played a part in the decision.”

Sea Island has hosted presidential visits dating back to Calvin Coolidge, says Kyle Jones, a spokesman for the Sea Island Co., so the resort is familiar with security challenges, “but this is the largest thing we've ever undertaken.” Holding a meeting of this size at a fairly small resort will be a logistical challenge. For example, the sizeable international press contingent will be housed 75 miles away in Savannah. While federal and state officials will handle security, Jones says the resort will do “what it does best — a beautiful environment and great cuisine, all with a big Southern smile.”