How you look and act on the golf course leaves a lasting impression on your playing partners. Yet I have seen many women on the links in unacceptable attire. At public courses, the dress code is relaxed. But resort courses, and especially private courses, may turn you away for dressing inappropriately.

Looking good on the course is easy if you follow these basic guidelines:

* 1) Wear shirts with a collar. T-shirts and short shirts are not acceptable.

* 2) If you wear shorts, make sure the legs end no more than two to three inches above the knee. Never wear blue jeans or cutoffs.

* 3) Avoid messy hair. Hats look great and keep your hair in place.

* 4) Don't wear big earrings or wild necklaces.

* 5) Avoid flashy, cute socks. Instead, wear appropriate golf shoes with matching socks.

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