In a move to help clients leverage their total hospitality spend — meetings and transient travel — meeting technology provider StarCite Inc. announced in September a partnership with Uversa International Inc.

Each company offers a request for proposals technology tool: StarCite has RapidRFP for creating and managing meeting RFPs; Uversa has RFP Runner for automating the bid process for transient hotel programs. With the new relationship, organizations that use both products will soon be able to get integrated reporting — for example, hotel spend by brand, chain, or property for meetings and transient travel. The combined reporting should be available by January, according to Michael Boult, StarCite president and COO.

StarCite clients, Boult says, will be able to use Uversa's RFP Runner at a discounted rate, and vice versa. The companies also plan to combine the information in their supplier databases.