You have quite a dilemma. Your sales force just broke every record in the book — again — and you need to figure out where to send them for a well-deserved respite. They have lounged at the bottom of the sea, played tennis 30,000 feet in the air, and challenged each other to a skins game on the back nine on the floating World City Ship. Perhaps, then, cocktails in orbit?

According to architects Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, Honolulu, Hawaii (, city-sized resorts built undersea or in space may be closer to reality than you think. Technological advances could make these uncharted territories the incentive destinations of the future. Super-strong and super-structural building materials will let architects build dream resorts that are impossible by today's standards. Advances in energy consumption and creation will allow for comfort-controlled environments high in the sky or deep in the ocean.

These destinations will be built on the dreams of travelers. Architects will respond to human desires to shop, exercise, and congregate. Resort guests will get away from it all while never feeling too far from home. They can dine on snake soup one night and a cheeseburger the next.

Dream on …

U-Sea Hotel

Most of the visitors to this undersea hotel are of the marine variety. Human guests can stay in one of the 80 rooms and be closely observed by their underwater neighbors.

Airship Hotel

Your vehicle is your destination when you step aboard this luxurious floating hotel nicknamed “The Airent Express.” Imagine the view from your bedroom as you glide by the Grand Canyon or soar along the Nile.

Constellation City

Constellations of activity centers — marina, theme park, aquarium, museums, casinos, hotels, retail, restaurants, and recreation — provide visitors with an entire city of entertainment experiences.

Space Resort

Orbiting 200 miles above the planet, guests can experience a full range of weightless recreational activities, stellar views, and the unmatched comfort of sleeping on inflatable beds in partial Earth gravity.

World City Ship

Six thousand passengers can enjoy leisure travel, meetings, and conventions aboard this floating resort, which houses a marina inside its hull.