Who knew that the experience of a lifetime would come in a slick silver box with a portable camera (with a silver finish, of course) to capture the memories? But now it does — if you order a Great American Days award. More than 6,000 experiences are available throughout the U.S., ranging from hot air ballooning to a drive in a NASCAR race car to tandem skydiving. Awards start at $25 (paintballing) and go all the way to platinum-level experiences such as advanced driving school (starting at $2,345).

According to Colin Reid, director, “This gives the sales incentive new zest without a lot of work from the organizer.” Also, he says, the awards don't have a price attached, like a gift card, which the recipient then equates to his or her value to the company. “You can't price compare these experiences, and they're things people have always wanted to do.” www.greatamericandays.com