Just Think A General Motors executive once distributed the following memo to his division: "Before you kill an idea, any idea, let's find at least three good reasons why it can't be done!"

Source: Thinkertoys, A Handbook of Business Creativity, by Michael Michalko

Need a Read? At our magazine's last sales meeting, we tried a couple of icebreaker games to get the blood pumping and make everyone laugh. Guess what? They worked! Who wouldn't have fun playing paper golf or building an egg-protection device to keep it from breaking during a fall? This series by John W. Newstrom and Edward Scannell: The Big Book of Presentation Games; The Big Book of Business Games: Icebreakers, Creativity Exercises, and Meeting Energizers; and The Big Book of Team Building Games (all McGraw-Hill) provides valuable lessons as well as fun. And with all three, you'll never run out of ideas! Contact the MPI bookstore at http://mpiweb.safeshopper.com/

ConsiderThis "We're in the age of the idea. The organizations that can develop a culture of creativity will be the winners."

Book Mark www.tbtsupersite.com With dozens of sites out there hawking computer-based training, the Technology Based Training Supersite (www.tbtsupersite.com) is a portal to the industry--and a place to find in-depth information and tools to get you started down the computer-based training road. Some examples: a request-for-proposal template to use when you solicit bids from training vendors; a calculator that lets you compare the cost of online and live training; and articles, books, and news on this burgeoning industry.