The Professional Meeting Planners Network, which specializes in physician symposia, CME events, and other small medical meetings, has spun off a new company to resell online registration services and try to make Web registration and housing more practical for smaller groups — medical and nonmedical.

Attendee Management Inc., based in Wimberly, Texas, is led by top independent meeting pros, including president Jeff Rasco, former senior vice president at JRDaggett & Associates, and chairman Rod Abraham, president of PMPN.

In the past, planners who wanted to incorporate online registration into their meeting management contracted with a registration company — typically paying a license fee, set-up fee, and per-transaction fees — and then had to learn to use the registration package. AMI plans to buy registration transactions from the major registration providers at volume discounts and then resell them to groups. Its first contract is with RegWeb, which was recently acquired by StarCite (see page 74). AMI holds the license to the registration software, builds the registration/housing Web site for the client, and provides customer support. And while the planner doesn't need to know the ins and outs of the registration product, he or she has access to the back-end reporting functions.

“Chances are pretty good that a meeting planner is going to be able to get his or her per-transaction cost at about the price they would get if they contracted directly with the [registration] ASP. But they don't have to learn how to use the software, and they don't have to pay the licensing fee or the other up-front costs,” says Rasco.

AMI launched in late June and had its first registration site up and running in July. The company's Web site is under construction at