Meeting planning isn't a job for wimps. Even the most experienced can get overwhelmed by the details.

To lighten things up a bit, Face the Music has written a ditty just for — that's right — meeting planners. The Stone Ridge, N.Y., group has made a career out of entertaining corporate groups with songs such as “E-mail Blues,” “The Over Committed Blues,” and “The Acronym Blues.”

Here are the first four stanzas of “The Meeting Planner Blues.” To listen to the whole thing, or to hear more about the custom songwriters, who have entertained the likes of General Mills, Target, and Pfizer staff, visit

Woke up this morning,
What a dream I had.
Clients called with 50 changes;
The hors d'oeuvres all went bad

Couldn't find my site connection,
Said he'd be there by eight.
Then the phone it started ringing
With requests that couldn't wait

Really like the challenge,
Thinking on my feet,
Working on a theme,
Seeing it complete

When the details get crazy
And I've got a lot to lose,
I get bogged down
In these meeting planners blues