1. WHAT'S YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? My hidden talent, which won't be hidden anymore, is that I used to play the accordion … very successfully. I also used to be a dance teacher. (I am rusty on both these skills.)

  2. IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? I am a big Maui fan — great weather and great lifestyle. Time doesn't seem to move as fast on Maui; it's a family favorite.

  3. WHAT'S SPINNING ON YOUR CD PLAYER? U2 is always spinning in my CD player, and on my MP3 player, loaded with music from the '80s.

  4. WHEN YOUR LIFE STORY IS MADE INTO A MOVIE, WHOM SHOULD THEY CAST AS YOU? Michelle Pfeiffer, of course, not just for the name, but also for her talent and her approach to work and life and family, and successfully keeping that balance.

  5. WHO INSPIRES YOU? My children inspire me to appreciate life. Our president and CEO inspires me with his effectiveness as a leader and with how “respect” is a core part of success and happiness in business or in personal life.

Angie Pfeifer, CMM, is assistant vice president, Corporate Meetings, Travel & Incentives, at Investors Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was recently named chairwoman-elect of the International Board of Directors for Meeting Professionals International.