1. IF YOUR LIFE WERE MADE INTO A MOVIE, WHO WOULD PLAY YOU? Lucille Ball would play me, because, as people who know me will attest, I constantly get myself into “Lucy”-esque scenarios.

  2. IT'S TIME FOR A SECOND CAREER: WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? Well, I started out as a teacher, so perhaps I would go back to that, going full circle.

  3. WHAT'S SPINNING ON YOUR CD PLAYER? I'm currently listening to the Ray Charles Duets CD that's sold in Starbucks, and Green Day's American Idiot. (My son got me hooked on Green Day, and now I'm a huge fan!)

  4. WHAT'S YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? My hidden talent: I'm a closet therapist.

  5. WHO INSPIRES YOU? I admire and am inspired by strong women who have achieved success all their own, whether it be business, entertainment, or politics … someone like Oprah Winfrey.

Janet Elkins is president of EventWorks Inc., Los Angeles. Among her distinctions, she has earned a Crystal Award from the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives and has been named Supplier of the Year by Meeting Professionals International.