The Outsourcing Evaluation Tool evaluates whether a company is open to outsourcing various functions. Clients rate the following concerns (below) on a scale of 0 to 10 = problematic to outsource*:

  1. core/noncore

  2. instability/stability

  3. higher operating costs/lower operating costs

  4. inefficiencies/increased efficiency

  5. less flexible/more flexible

  6. high risk/low risk

  7. reduce attendee satisfaction/increase attendee satisfaction

  8. stagnant ideas/new ideas

  9. fixed costs/variable costs

  10. easy to/difficult to maintain

  11. basic skills/cutting-edge skills

  12. inability to/ability to grow

  13. small capital returns/large capital requirements

  14. difficult/easy to outsource

*The reason not to outsource is listed first, and the potential benefit is listed second. Circle one and then rate on the 0 to 10 benefit scale.


70 and below — Do not outsource
71 — 100 — Consider outsourcing
100+ — Outsourcing should be beneficial