Calm the Agitator in Your Group Do you ever have to work with people who make you crazy? If the answer is yes, check out The Frustration Factor, How to Manage People Who Drive You Up The Wall (Glenbridge Publishing, 1995). Author Gary Crow offers these tips for dealing with "agitators," those coworkers who constantly--and negatively--stir things up.

* Ask the agitator privately what concerns he or she has. If the complaints are valid, share what you've learned about what the agitator is saying or griping about.

* Tell the agitator you're always available to work on any problem, but you will not tolerate the agitating. Make your point, but don't argue.

* If the person continues to stir up trouble, repeat in private that the destructive behavior must stop, adding that if it doesn't you'll assemble the group and advise group members not to support the agitator.